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  • Prepare to be blown away by the exceptional talent and creative brilliance Chickadee Designs, I recently had the pleasure of working with. In a world saturated with mediocrity, this visionary artist stands head and shoulders above the rest, effortlessly transforming ideas into visually stunning masterpieces. From the very first interaction, it was clear that I was in the presence of a true professional. Her keen eye for detail and deep understanding of design principles were evident in every aspect of their work. They listened attentively to my needs and aspirations, effortlessly translating them into a visual language that surpassed all my expectations. What sets Kelsey apart is their unparalleled ability to seamlessly blend artistry and functionality. Each design concept they presented was not only visually captivating but also perfectly aligned with the intended message and purpose. It was as if they possessed an innate understanding of how to strike the delicate balance between aesthetics and practicality. Her mastery of color theory, typography, and composition was awe-inspiring. Every element of their designs was thoughtfully crafted, creating a harmonious symphony of visual elements that captured attention and conveyed meaning. The attention to detail was staggering, from the choice of fonts to the subtlest gradients and shadows, resulting in designs that felt alive and infused with energy. Collaborating with Kelsey was an absolute joy. They effortlessly transformed my vague ideas and abstract concepts into concrete visual representations that captured the essence of my vision. Their ability to communicate and iterate on ideas made the entire process smooth and efficient, ensuring that the final product was a true reflection of my desires. Furthermore, her professionalism and commitment to excellence were evident in every interaction. Deadlines were met with precision, revisions were handled promptly, and communication was always clear and concise. It was evident that they cared deeply about their craft and the satisfaction of their clients. To put it simply, Kelsey is a creative genius. Her work is nothing short of extraordinary, and their ability to transform ideas into visual wonders is unparalleled. If you're looking for a designer who will exceed your wildest dreams, look no further. I wholeheartedly recommend this visionary artist to anyone in need of design services. Prepare to be amazed, inspired, and forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an extraordinary talent.
    Eric Boissat, Paradise Home Inspection Solutions
  • Kelsey was amazing to work with. She did a painting of our family dog which I gave it to my mom as a gift. My mom loved it and was very impressed with how real he looked.
    Francis Papineau, Performance Consultant
  • Kelsey is an incredibly skilled and gifted artist and designer. I had her develop a new logo to brand my Real Estate business and she did a fantastic job. I did not really have an idea of what I wanted, so she took the time to send me a survey asking me about my company, other logos I like and things that I would have never thought of as useful to make a logo, but she nailed it. Trust Kelsey with your design work I know I do!
    Sean Prescott, Realtor
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    Chickadee Designs took my vision of a new logo and brought it to life. The process was smooth and easy to follow. Our clients were amazed at the work done by Chickadee Designs. Thanks a million!
    Kris Jones, Humble Beginnings Church
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    Chickadee Designs came through for us brilliantly! Kelsey is attentive to detail, has a great personality and is very easy to work with. We were incredibly pleased with her design work on our new school mascot and would hire her again in an instant! She was very patient as we worked through our new design (two different I would highly recommend Kelsey at Chickadee Designs to everyone I know.
    Rebekah Whitney, GV Christian School
  • graphic designer, logo design, branding, logo and branding, vero women, vero beach, creative direction, booklet, save the date, poster, graphic design, graphic designer
    Working with Kelsey from Chickadee Designs made creating a logo for my business a breeze!!! I was able to share my ideas with Kelsey and she put her creative genius to work on a sample that fit my needs perfectly. Her turn around time was efficient and the quality was impeccable! So glad I chose Chickadee Design.
    Christine Denis, Mama D Designs Sewing
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    Chickadee Designs did a great job translating my rambling "I have this idea" into a comprehensive, well thought out, brochure for our garden store. Kelsey was able to stay true to the colors and style we have been using, but introduce a freshness that helped highlight our different product offerings and take our presentation up a notch. I am very pleased with all the work Chickadee Designs has done for The Secret Garden, including company apparel, coupons and corporate gift thank you notes.
    Jennifer Khal, The Secret Garden
    The Secret Garden
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    Kelsey has a great eye and is an effective communicator. Two things that are a must in her industry. Pricing is reasonable and works fast which is rare in her line of work. No hesitations in recommending her for your next project!
    Gary Fonseca, Online Printing & Graphics
    Online Printing and Graphics
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    My staff and I worked closely with Kelsey to design new marketing materials for our office. We faced some challenges, but Kelsey was patient and we ended up with marketing materials we are proud to hand out to our customers. Thank you Kelsey.
    Bill Kreiner, Sebastian Insurance
    Sebastian Insurance
  • graphic designer, logo design, branding, logo and branding, vero women, vero beach, creative direction, booklet, save the date, poster, graphic design, graphic designer, lindy hop, ballroom, swing dance, dancing, dancing logo, ballroom logo
    Kelsey has collaborated with me on two new local area restaurants. She has designed menus and logos and marketing material. Both customers have been very pleased with her work. Kelsey is professional, and she listens to what her customer wants, while making positive suggestions about what would work best. Working with Kelsey has been a great experience.
    Antonio Castillo, MIP Marketing
    Make It Personal Marketing
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    I worked with Kelsey on a couple of Branding projects. Her work was excellent, delivered on time and on budget. Thanks Kelsey
    Cindy Fletcher, Websites
    Social Cindy